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    2018 Cashcows


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    2018 Cashcows

    Post by SaveTheCheerleader on Wed Feb 28, 2018 9:06 am

    Help a time poor fella out, whats the list of 2018 rookie cashcows i should be looking at ?!
    No Worries

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    Re: 2018 Cashcows

    Post by No Worries on Wed Feb 28, 2018 9:14 am

    HOK - Havali/Garvey
    HLF - L.Croker
    CTR - Milne, Kennar
    WFB - C.Thompson, Katoa, Hiku

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    Re: 2018 Cashcows

    Post by Milchcow on Wed Feb 28, 2018 9:24 am

    The easiest way is to wait until next week, then look at everyone who has a green dot next to their name.

    I've been thinking about a write up on likely options, might get to it later today

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    Re: 2018 Cashcows

    Post by SaveTheCheerleader on Wed Feb 28, 2018 10:03 am

    Write up would be awesome!

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    Re: 2018 Cashcows

    Post by Milchcow on Wed Feb 28, 2018 11:10 am


    Craig Garvey/Siliva Havili
    One of these likely to play hooker for Canberra. 80 minute job not likely, will either share with each other, or Blake Austin/Sam Williams
    Garvey has the better fantasy form - in 2016 he played 3 80 minute games for the dogs when Lichaa was injured and averaged 60 points.
    Unlikely he'll play 80 minutes at Canberra, but if he gets the starting nod he'll score enough to eb useful.
    Havili has never scored more than 30 points in 3 seasons as bench utility - you want to be comfortable he'll play 40 minutes+ to be useful.

    Villiame Kikau
    Has started a few games in back row during trials. Probably just holding a spot for CHN who is returning from injury.
    Probably not likely to hold a starting spot for more than a coupl eof weeks but should get a reliable bench spot.
    If he starts 30-40 points and cash cow goldmine. As a bench player he'll be lucky to make 50c, unless he picks up a lot from 2017

    Luciano Leilua
    Fighting with Tariq Sims to take Joel Thompsons edge spot at the Dragons. Highly rated but has had mixed trial form
    As a starter 30-40 points entirely possible.
    A bench Leilua a better option than a bench Kikau IMO, more likely to get into solid 20s average and make a bit of cash.

    Mark Nicholls
    Started some trials for Souths in the front row. Looks promising fanatsy-wise if he can hold that spot.
    Will rely on George Burgess to continue his slide into mediocrity in order to be useful in fantasy, and Sam Burgess to stay on the edge/lock.


    Siona Katoa
    Led the NYC in tackle breaks last year. Looks to be ahead of Aaron Gray for a wing spot at Cronulla.
    Not sure yet how his stats will translate into NRL, but his U20s stats were great.

    Taane Milne
    Has the best fantasy pedigree of cheap players. Averages high 30s as starting centre.
    Not been starting in trials so everyone is going cold on him. If he manages to get a starting spot he's in your team
    Otherwise keep searching

    Richard Kennar
    Playing on the wing for Souths. Played a few years at Melbourne before that - 2016 he scored 43 in his only wing appearance, 21 and 29 in 2 games at centre
    2016 He averaged 17 from 6 games - if he replicates that he'll make about $10k (don't spend it all in the one shop).
    Bit risky as I think you need him to be scoring tries to get enough points to be worth it.
    Has DPP though which could come in handy.

    Corey Thompson
    Looks like he might start at fullback for Tigers in round 1. Lolohea is around as well so who knows what jiob security is like
    Lolohea making first grade might push him to the wing, or out of the team completely, or Thompson might keep the no1 all year.
    Has been playing for Widnes in super league where he has scored a zillion tries (37 tries in 52 games, mostly as fullback)
    Before that he spent 2 seasons at the dogs where he averaged 28 points in 30 games on the wing.
    A reasonably safe bet scoring-wise if you can trust his job security. Even playing on the wing he shoul ddo well for his price.

    Lachlan Croker
    Got injured and scored 0 points in his only ever NRL appearance. Will obviously do better than that this year, but how much better is the question.
    He was highly rated at the Raiders, but could never deliver. Questions as to whether he will be the next Kane Elgey, scoring 20 points a week and frustrating everyone.
    In the old 25 man squads he would be a shoe-in to make your squad. 4 less players this year and it requires a little thought.
    Best cheap prospect in the halves at the moment though

    Adam Doueihi
    Competing with Robbie Farah for bench utility at Souths (and potential halfback if Reynolds gets injured)
    Personally - I think he'll be a fantasy goldmine if he happens to jag a starting spot. If he gets a bench utility spot he might still be worth a look
    Would want to get an idea of possible minutes/usage before committing though

    Lewis Brown
    haha j/k. Don't get him.

    Others to keep en eye on

    Keegan Hipgrave
    Titans have a stacked forward pack but he has been impressive so far. Probably won't get the minutes to make fantasy cash, but worth keeping an eye on.
    Suspended for round 1.

    Alexander Brimson
    Was apparently in line to play fullback this year until Michael Gordon was signed.
    Might get a run at some point during the year, either to replace Elgey in the halves, or in the backline.
    Another to keep an eye on

    Tom Wright
    Has been talked up. There was some hope he'd fill in for injured Dylan Walker, but doesn't look like that will happen

    Tyson Gamble
    Some rumours that Brooks might get the flick during the year if he doesn't perform. In that case Tyson Gamble might get his shot at halfback

    There are a few others but I have reached the limits of my motiviation to keep typing, and I'm not sure there's anyone who will statr in round 1
    Bound to be a few surpises though (especially in the extended 21 man squads named next Tuesday)

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