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    This Sporting Life

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    This Sporting Life Empty This Sporting Life

    Post by No Worries on Tue Jul 26, 2016 1:27 pm

    For the older folk ......

    From 1986 to 2008, Roy & HG hosted This Sporting Life on triple j. Their irreverent, ridiculous and always incredibly funny take on sport in Australia – among other things – was unlike any other radio show anywhere on the planet.
    It's the longest running show in the station's history and ratty old cassette recordings (and podcasts in later years) of the shows are still beloved by so many.
    Now, to celebrate 30 years since the show first aired, Roy & HG have put together a massive 2CD set (or a footy shaped USB for those so inclined) of some of the show's highlights from throughout the year.
    All your favourites are there – King Wally Otto, Rooting King and Frosty LaHood, to name just a few – and there are references to plenty of great sportspeople and sporting moments past, from Jeff Fenech to the Sydney Olympics bid to the most recent NRL Grand Final.

    Both Roy and HG have weighed in on this new compilation in their classic half-derisive manner. Here are their statements in full.

    "To me this very fine album makes for extremely sobering listening. To think that looking back over so many years, so little has changed. Kids with dreams set off on an often lonely journey and reach international success time and time again and are given such little recognition and such scant regard by the Australian population at large. It’s great to hear references to our former greats who are now unacknowledged and largely forgotten - people like The Great White Shark, Jeff Fenech, Rooting King and Stumpy Boon. In days gone by there would be huge statues of these greats decorating all of our public spaces serving as talking points for kids and parents to engage, celebrate and remember. But sadly, our sporting heroes come along, share with us their genius and self-sacrifice and are inevitably, ignominiously booted from the stage. I hope in its small way this album might set about restoring the balance."

    – R. Roy Slaven

    "When I started working with Rampaging Roy Slaven thirty years ago I believed the weekly axe-minister we laid on the ABC would be seen for what it was, a bunch of old rope headed for the nearest S-bend. This compilation proves those initial reactions to be absolutely correct. If only it was available on a C60 cassette then it could be heard in all its glory. Enjoy the journey to the deep outflow!"

    – H.G. Nelson

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    This Sporting Life Empty Re: This Sporting Life

    Post by standard-issue on Tue Jul 26, 2016 1:39 pm

    HG's quote above sums up the history of everything I associate with them Very Happy

    And The Nissan Cedric's Love
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    This Sporting Life Empty Re: This Sporting Life

    Post by No Worries on Fri Aug 19, 2016 11:19 pm

    The Roy & HG Footy USB contains the full ‘This Sporting Life’ album audio, booklet and archival press photos.


    1 This Sporting Life Opener

    2 TSL Promo

    3 Grand Final Week Breakfasts

    4 Funny Meats For Kids

    5 Roy’s Rectal Ring Balm

    6 Rooting King And The League

    7 Chicks Love Big Feet

    8 Istanga Art

    9 Sunday Night Lineup On ABC

    10 How Would You Like The Perfect Kiddie?

    11 Baghdad Brian

    12 Players' Media Duties

    13 Burn Your Pants!

    14 Roy’s Signature Small Goods

    15 Istanga Yoga

    16 Why Roy Never Coached

    17 King Tide Sleepmaker I

    18 Webcke Park I

    19 Grand Final Walk

    20 The Don Bradman Invincibles Calendar

    21 NRL Gods Are Cruel

    22 Broncos' And Cowboys' Fans In Sydney

    23 How Would You Like To Be Stout?

    24 Cher Goes Under The Microscope

    25 Frosty Lahood Motors - No Root, No Toot!

    26 Backless Sports Coat For Men

    27 People Bag The Shark I - PGA

    28 Rent-A-Star International - Golf Keynote Speakers

    29 People Bag The Shark II - Get To Know Him First

    30 Look Of Laura Knitwear Range

    31 Webcke Park II - Live With Your Storage

    32 Golf Technology/2 Big Spaniards

    33 Aussie Fuzzy Fruits for Kids

    34 Frosty Lahood Motors - Frosty Junior

    35 Home And Away

    36 Jeffrey Smart’s Smart Arses

    37 Shackleton’s Hot Knob

    38 Burn Your House Down For Sydney 2000

    39 King Tide Sleepmaker II

    40 What Sports Might Roy Represent In?

    41 The Shooter’s Radio Antenna

    42 No Ball, No Bull

    43 Graham Gooch's Finger

    44 Lazy Boy Crack Baffler

    45 Royal House Of Trouser

    46 Stumpy Boon Learns To Walk Again

    47 Adopt A Cock!

    48 Roy’s World of Rockets

    49 Hunt For A Heavy

    50 Love Fountain

    51 Baggy Green Bum Ring Kit

    52 Jeff Fenech Gives Back

    53 Farts Of The Famous

    54 Anzac Day Weekend

    55 There Are Collectors, And Collectors

    56 The Ruddock Toilet Fish

    57 Cultures Of Sex Or Violence In AFL

    58 Frosty Lahood Fundraiser For Tsunami

    59 Mad Dads

    60 Tanking In Tennis

    61 Date Ace

    62 Prime Minister’s Fund For Cricketers

    63 Roy & HG Deal With The Palace

    64 The South Coast News

    65 Toilet Police Go To London

    66 Doctor Spoof In Brighton

    67 Rabbits Re-enact First Game of League

    68 Agents To The Stars

    69 Eau De Cliff

    70 The John Eales Medal Night

    71 Pole Up Australia

    72 The Bitemeister

    73 Junior Sport

    74 Frosty Lahood - Junior’s Videos

    75 AJ Gel

    76 Cinderella Stadium

    77 Fuzzy Fruit Challenge

    78 Terminal Tuesday At City Morgue

    79 Grandstands At The Speedway

    80 Jockaroos

    81 Chunky Gold Chains

    82 Robbie Maddison's Leap

    83 Frosty Lahood For Aussie Fuzzy Fruit

    84 Jim Waley

    85 The Wedding Of The Year

    86 New Age Of This Sporting Life

    87 Ronnie Quinton's Last Ride

    88 Toilet Police Go To Sydney

    89 The Andy Caddick Tapes

    90 Don Bradman’s Cap

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