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    Hello everyone


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    Hello everyone Empty Hello everyone

    Post by CorruptSquid Thu Jan 25, 2024 9:28 am

    G'day everyone, second year fantasy player here. Was never much of a footy watcher prior to fantasy only watched the occasional SOO game. For your amusement I made some, in hindsight really weird selections last year the biggest being:

    Jacob Liddle with R1 BYE because I bought the narrative of him playing 80 minutes.
    Jamien Jolliffe because of PPM and I guess I thought he was 'good enough' to plod along in my team.
    Traded in Joe Stimson in R2.

    Fortunately, I started to learn quick and made some good value trades that were slightly out of the mainstream trades such as Leo Thompson and Jack Williams and managed to salvage my year into rank 7797 or thereabouts.

    I also made some extremely lucky trades, traded in Mitch Moses for his ton, traded out Eli Katoa just before his HIA etc. I also let some people talk me out of some very valuable trades that ultimately hurt me the most, Drinkwater and didn't pick up Brown when he was dirt cheap.

    Learnt lots and looking forward to 2024.

    Is there any threads for overall game theory?

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    Hello everyone Empty Re: Hello everyone

    Post by Milchcow Thu Jan 25, 2024 11:37 am

    Hi Corrupt Squid and welcome

    If you bought into Liddle playing 80 minutes last year, then you are well primed into buying Hands or Lussick as 80 minute option this year

    Trading in PPM beasts is something everyone does at some point. But getting big P is always better than getting big PPM

    As for game theory type discussion, the Fantasy Amateurs podcast have a few things on it - here's one, but I'm sure there's more if you look

    Perhaps not exactly what you are after, we have the looping thread which talks about maximising your team lineup to take advantage of rolling lockout

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