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    Post by HynesGod1 Mon May 22, 2023 8:18 pm

    Hi Guys, I am a new member here. Just wondering where I could post my team and receive trade advice to improve my overall team. Thanks

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    Post by Liverpool_Bulldog Mon May 22, 2023 9:27 pm

    Hey man, jump over to the main page. Labelled something like Tiger 66 v Cowboys 18 haha.

    Come say hello and post ya team up 👍👍

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    Post by Milchcow Mon May 22, 2023 10:08 pm

    Welcome HynesGod

    We have general threads where most of the fantasy talk (plus some off topic banter) takes place
    Here is the latest one

    Every 51 pages or so we create a new thread and just move the conversation along

    If you want specific advice for your team, feel free to create a post in our assistance coach sub-forum
    People will see it and offer up advice

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