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    Player Profile - Chucky


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    Player Profile - Chucky  Empty Player Profile - Chucky

    Post by Honeysett Sat Mar 14, 2020 6:44 pm

    Player Profile - Chucky  Chucky-childs-play
    Player Profiles - Chucky

    Honeysett: Chucky! What better way to kick off the player profiles again than with the demonic, evil little fuck. How'd you end up at "Chucky"?

    Chucky: I was playing in an indoor cricket team about 20 years ago and we were playing in Wagga Wagga. I was a little bit looser when on the piss and the blokes I was rooming with reckoned I was like Chucky the evil doll. One night we were drinking at a pub owned by David Barnhill and I was smashed. I always wondered why his voice was so raspy so I asked him. Pretty sure I said, “what’s wrong with your voice?” I’m not sure if he understood a word I said as I’m sure I was heavily slurring my words. Anyway, I was hidden away in a corner by the rest of the team and cut off for the night.

    Honeysett: Hahaha, classic. Every good story comes from out on the piss. Is there a Chucky's Bride?

    Chucky: Yeah there is. I got married for the second time in 2018. Not sure if I’m a glutton for punishment or just made a better decision this time. I was only 21 when I got married the first time so I hope I’m a bit older and wiser now. So far so good anyway.

    Honeysett: Offt that's rough. Well love is always lovely the second time around  🎶 any Chucky spawn then?

    Chucky: I’ve got 2 from my first marriage and inherited another 2 in the second one. My eldest is 29 and he had a son in July so I’m also a granddad now. My daughter is 20. The step kids are a 16 year old girl and 14 year old boy.

    Honeysett: Grandpapa Chucky! Awesome mate. I mean not for me personally too many hell spawn but awesome for you haha. I've asked the other lads, tell us how you lost your V plates..

    Chucky: Shit, that was a really long time ago. It wasn’t anything amazing. I was always too busy playing sport as a young bloke so it wasn’t until I was at uni. I think I was 18 and it was a girl I met on campus. She was my girlfriend for a while but I’ve no idea where she is now. It was over 30 years ago.

    Honeysett: Pretty standard story! It's too early in the morning for me to work out the maths but that puts you around 50, at least you're not as old as Standard.. The old fuck that he is. Tell us how you got into the fantasy game

    Chucky: 50 is right, I’m a 69 model. I met Standard last year when I was in Perth and we caught up for a few beers and watched one of the semi finals.
    I’ve been playing for a long time but I’m not sure how I first got into it. I’ve been in a comp with basically the same group of guys since the early days of dream team, when it was run by virtual sports. I’ve tried a few other versions such as the Fox sports one which was crap. I’m not a big fan of SuperCoach so I haven’t touched that for a few years now. I’ve played different versions of BBL and super rugby. I actually finished 2nd in super rugby one year but I lost interest in it a long time ago.
    Fantasy is a clear favourite as I find it much more of a challenge and I like the scoring system a lot better. Someone told me about  the Sportal chat group years ago so I joined it and was there for 3 or 4 years I think before it fell over and this place was created.

    Honeysett: Ahh Sportal what a clusterfuck that was. Such a cesspool the website didn't even link to the forum it was that ashamed of us. A long history of fantasy there very nice mate. If you've hit the big 5.0. You're bound to have some embarrassing moments... Tell us of the worst one

    Chucky: That’s a tough one. I don’t get embarrassed easily and most of the more embarrassing moments have occurred whilst on the piss. My memory is pretty ordinary and when alcohol is involved it’s virtually non existent. There was another indoor cricket trip in about 2004 or thereabouts where we were in Perth and the opening function was at the Gloucester Park trots. I somehow got talked into doing a nudie run down the straight, stopping halfway along to do a set of star jumps in front of the netball girls. Someone was kind enough to offer to hold my clothes for me while I did the run. Fortunately I was still sober enough to realise that was a bad idea so I held onto my clothes and carried them with me.

    Honeysett: Hahaha there's not a fucking chance they were giving those clothes back. They'd end up on a roof somewhere if that was me. Instead of embarrassing what are you most proud of?

    Chucky: That’s an easy one, my kids. They are both good kids and have turned into good adults.
    My son is in the army and making a career there and starting his own family.
    My daughter is at ANU in Canberra studying psychology. She’s also a pretty handy cricketer trying to get into the WBBL.
    Once I stopped playing first grade and dropped back to play a season or two with her. One game we opened the batting together and put on an opening partnership of about 130. Of all the things I did in around 40 years of playing cricket, this was my highlight.

    Honeysett: That's actually pretty cute mate, how'd they feel you dressing in drag to play the women's league though?

    Chucky: Haha. I have been known to dress in drag on the odd occasion.
    In about the second or third over the opening bowler gave her a short one, it must’ve been accidental because he was starting to apologise as she has rocked back and played a beautiful pull shot for 4. I was a very proud dad that day.

    Honeysett: Hahaha yeah I bet! One of my only cricket memories is getting hit in the knee and the pad not being there properly and I cried. Who do you follow in the NRL and why?

    Chucky: Please don’t get me started on knee injuries.
    At present I’m sitting at home following surgery last week on a ruptured patella tendon in my right knee, which I did 2 weeks ago playing cricket in a masters comp. I did the same thing to my left knee in 2014. I could actually hear the tendon tearing this time right before the knee popped.
    Anyway, back to the question. I’m a Manly fan and have been for as long as I can remember. As to why, I really don’t know. Growing up in the 70’s and Manly were a gun side so I would assume it came from that.
    My all time favourite player is the great Wombat, Graham Eadie.

    Honeysett: Well I hope Chucky's Bride has the beers on ice for the weekend, you won't be doing much moving around. Manly, I just vomited a little in my mouth. To each their own I guess. What's a hidden talent of yours?

    Chucky: Mate if I have any talent, I don’t hide it.
    I’ve started to get back into golf recently. I played a lot growing up but the last dozen or so years have played very little. We recently won our local VW Scramble which is a nationally run event. Last Thursday was the Regional final at Yowani in Canberra. Of course I couldn’t play because of my knee. They got a replacement player in for me and they bloody won. So now they go to the Sunshine Coast for 4 nights, expenses paid. I’ll still be in this fucking knee brace.

    Honeysett: Ohhh man that's tough! I hope there's no group chat or you'll be filthy! Couple more questions and we'll wrap it up. Who's your favourite poster of the forum?

    Chucky: I don’t really have a favourite poster.
    I hate trying to catch up on all the posts because I usually read them all and sometimes it takes forever. It’s good to see short, sharp posts instead of long winded ones where people just waffle on.
    SI is the only bloke on the forum that I’ve met.
    I take great notice every time Honey Badger posts, he is just so consistent at fantasy, really knows what he’s talking about.
    My TV Broke has done so much for the forum with his stats page, likewise Milchcow with his BE’s and everything else he does.
    Paceys Best and his team lists make it so easy.
    All the guys who organise the leagues and everything else that goes on.
    I’ve probably forgotten plenty of people as well.
    The big difference between this forum and pretty much all the others, here if you want advice or some help with something, there are literally heaps of posters who are willing to help. Other forums all you get is smartarse comments.

    Honeysett: So diplomatic, I do enjoy this forum. Good for a laugh but also great info. And final question that I'm going to ask everyone. How hot does your wife think I am?

    *At this stage I sent a photo of my gorgeous baby blues eye-fucking the camera after I've had a few too many expresso martinis and think I'm looking pretty good.*

    Chucky: Sorry to shoot you down but she gave you a 2. Then she saw your nose ring so she dropped it to a 1.

    Honeysett: 1 being the highest score, so happy days! Pleasure to get to know you Chucky!

    Chucky: Haha. Thanks mate. It’s been fun.

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    Player Profile - Chucky  Empty Re: Player Profile - Chucky

    Post by standard-issue Sat Mar 14, 2020 10:30 pm

    Wonderful stuff lads!

    Can confirm that despite being a Manly supporter, Chucky is actually a top bloke. I can also confirm Chucky is punching well above his weight with Bride of Chucky.

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    Player Profile - Chucky  Empty Re: Player Profile - Chucky

    Post by Pain Sat Mar 14, 2020 10:56 pm


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    Player Profile - Chucky  Empty Re: Player Profile - Chucky

    Post by Dttragic2016 Sun Mar 15, 2020 9:03 am

    Great interview. Always great getting to know the people behind their profiles on here!

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    Player Profile - Chucky  Empty Re: Player Profile - Chucky

    Post by filthridden Fri Mar 20, 2020 5:57 pm

    HS being known as 1/10 from now on Laughing

    It's all lies, he's almost as sexy as I am! Embarassed
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    No Worries

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    Player Profile - Chucky  Empty Re: Player Profile - Chucky

    Post by No Worries Fri Mar 20, 2020 6:33 pm

    Thanks Chucky for taking the time. Good to get to know you

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    Player Profile - Chucky  Empty Re: Player Profile - Chucky

    Post by Revraiser Wed Mar 25, 2020 6:29 pm

    Thank's gents. Always intruiging

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