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    2019 Rabbitohs - premiership #22 delayed for 3 years


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    2019 Rabbitohs - premiership #22 delayed for 3 years - Page 3 Empty Re: 2019 Rabbitohs - premiership #22 delayed for 3 years

    Post by leaguegod on Mon Apr 15, 2019 1:32 pm

    sad way to end a great career. Love seeing the young GI highlights, it reminds me how ridiculous calling trell the next GI really is, GI was as elite an athlete as they come.

    best Hunter Based QLd player ever!

    in all seriousness, within what like 5 games QLD had JT, Smith, cronk, slater and GI play their last games from QLD, thats pretty nuts that those all time greats had their career overlap at a perfect time that just lead to that ridiculous dynasty

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    2019 Rabbitohs - premiership #22 delayed for 3 years - Page 3 Empty Re: 2019 Rabbitohs - premiership #22 delayed for 3 years

    Post by Pieman on Mon Apr 15, 2019 1:53 pm

    Absolutely a sad end to what was an unreal career.
    Marred by a few off the field incidents, he had about as good an on the field career that anyone can have.
    he's the benchmark for centres post Big Mal, and was as good a fullback as slater at when at his absolute peak.

    Watching him go down the left side fending blokes off was unreal to watch. And nah, Latrell is eerily similar Smile

    Its also nice knowing that one of the greatest maroon reps ever was born and bred in NSW, totally ineligible for QLF, and the QRL showed what absolute scum they are by lying to get him selected.

    He is a bit of a polarising figure GI, but fark he had a good career. Hopefully he stays off the piss and off the pies into his post footy career, he has the potential to impact even more people off the field in retirement than what he did with his footy career.

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    2019 Rabbitohs - premiership #22 delayed for 3 years - Page 3 Empty Re: 2019 Rabbitohs - premiership #22 delayed for 3 years

    Post by Oz Sport Mad on Tue Apr 16, 2019 6:44 am

    GI joins a long list of blokes that didn't get the fairytale finish to what has undoubtedly been an impressive career.

    Agree with Pieman about the Latrell similarities, particularly in their running styles and power - difference obviously being one has been there and done that.
    Also remains to be seen whether Latrell has the ability to step up in the big games and the big moments, which was something GI will certainly be remembered for.

    As for the QLD thing - it is comforting to know that even when NSW were in the midst of a streak of series wins, blokes didn't want to play for you....

    But on what LG said, 5 games is a long time in Origin (2 years) and yes we've had a few guns bow out in that period but it is a chicken and the egg scenario where the records and abilities of these players is heavily fluctuated by the Origin wins.
    I still maintain and have been saying since 2006, that the biggest influence on the dynasty we had was the coach we employed.

    Also and it is weird/unsettling to agree with Pieman twice in the one post, hoping GI has an equally impressive post football career, where he definitely could be a real influence for a lot of people.

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