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    RIP Australian Cricket


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    RIP Australian Cricket - Page 5 Empty Re: RIP Australian Cricket

    Post by dasherhalo Fri Jan 03, 2020 6:16 pm

    No Worries wrote:Apparetly it isn't his daughter rubbin one out on a plane in the toilet. But regardless it's good viewing.

    Came back in here to offer a few salient points on the resurgence of Aus Cricket under Langer.... but it appears I have some related googling to do.....

    Anyway. I'll save that for some "me time" later on, perhaps.

    Australian sport loves a winner. And seeing Smith won the Ashes, and Warner won the Pakistan tests.... welcome back boys!

    Bancroft? Never hear of her? Poor f*cker jumped on a grenade for Smith and Warner, methinks....

    Marnus Loose Bus Change? Has there been a more natural #3 since Ponting padded up?

    How about those rock slingers? Even Pattinson looks the goods. Gary doing what he does best - taking wickets and doing a good Carl Barron impersonation.

    Hell, even Paine has chipped in with some runs, though I'd have to say in general his greatest contribution has been some well rehearsed totally-off-the-cuff sledges. You can nearly feel Matty Wade comparing his batting average vs the number of Panadol Tim Paine is popping to see what gives first: Tim's finger or his spot.

    We can't afford to carry a non-specialist masquerading as a batsman against the better sides (Ask Travis Head, he only got his spot because the selectors didn't think we needed 5 bowlers to roll NZ in Sydney).

    In short: 7.5 / 10. Should have closed out England in England instead of getting on the cans early. Would get crushed in India.

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