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    Fantasy Cricket - Champions Trophy

    Rippin and Tearin

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    Fantasy Cricket - Champions Trophy

    Post by Rippin and Tearin on Mon May 29, 2017 8:50 am

    Anyone gonna play? And if so, whats the best site to play on. Im only keen if there are prizes involved, not that I'd expect to get anywhere but I can't be arsed if there's not something to play for.

    I got sent an email from as I was already signed up there, but I note prizes are still to be confirmed!

    @White Lightning - you are playing via the ICC site right?

    Anyone got any better sites to use?

    By the way WL, I'm not sure about Stonis! He smoked up NZ when he was over here so I'd have him in, but you guys are pretty stacked so Im not sure. I note he played, but came in at 8, in the warm-up v SL.

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