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    nrl pre season position rankings - Prop


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    nrl pre season position rankings - Prop Empty nrl pre season position rankings - Prop

    Post by leaguegod on Wed Mar 01, 2017 1:01 am

    2 today with hooker tomorrow, do up some collective rankings on Saturday or something

    so come on guys, name some top ten, only takes a couple of minutes, be interesting to see how much it differs in 6 months time!

    previous positions:

    Second Row:

    Prop is a position full of standouts, doing this mainly on club performances and outlooks for the upcoming year

    i included guys like surgess, jake t, klem and mcguire as locks based on playing there this year, tapau come under consideration here but i couldn't fit him in

    1. Jesse bromwich
    2. Andrew Fifita - can be a bit loose for rep footy at times but at club level he is biggest game changing prop we've had for a while
    3. James Graham
    4. Matt Scott - faded last year but looked injured, i think he bounces back
    5. Aaron Woods
    6. Dylan Napa
    7. JWH
    8. Shannon Boyd
    9. James Tamou
    10. Ryan James


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    nrl pre season position rankings - Prop Empty Re: nrl pre season position rankings - Prop

    Post by Dip on Wed Mar 01, 2017 1:31 am

    1. Jesse Bromwich - but not by much. At about halfway through last year when he was offloading he was way out in front. If he continues to put the offload away he'll drop down the list.
    2. Andrew Fifita - what LG said
    3. James Graham - Love what he brings to the game
    4. James Tamou - I reckon he's been great the last year or so since sorting his neck injury
    5. Matt Scott - still the best rep prop and big game prop going around though
    6. JWH - has the ability to change matches, not many props can do that
    7. Woods - zero impact but does it heaps and in clubland that's important, especially for the Tigers
    8. Ryan James - feels like the sort of bloke you think is over-rated based on a few tries, but then we you see him play you say to yourself "Yeah I guess I've got to give him credit for a good game".
    9. Napa - probably my favourite prop at the moment. His game against the rabbits last year was my favourite performance for years. First time I've had a boner watching the roosters win.
    10. Boyd - what a tank

    Honourable mention to a few, especially since they're playing the toughest position in the game:

    Kasiano - Possibly should be in there from the point of view that while he only plays small minutes, he probably has more impact on the match result than some of those guys do in a full game.

    Blair - A poor man's James Graham in many respects with how important his ball playing is to the team. Difference is that the Broncos halves do something with it and get the credit, where it breaks down when it gets to the Dogs halves. I couldn't put him in the list above those other guys though. He's also a dirty grub, but as a Broncos supporter, I say that he's OUR grub, and every team should have one.

    Matalino - when he decides whether he wants to be a prop and really applies himself, he could be especially dangerous. Man, what a tackler though.

    Matt Prior - nowhere near this list, but imo probably the most improved player in the game last year, so I gave him a shout out anyway.

    Kane Evans - If he sorts out his hands like flippers, he'll be dangerous. I'd love to see him and Boyd facing off in origin against Napa and Papalii for the best part of a decade.

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    nrl pre season position rankings - Prop Empty Re: nrl pre season position rankings - Prop

    Post by ryno_ on Wed Mar 01, 2017 1:51 am

    1. Graham
    2. Bromwhich
    3. Fifita
    4. Matt Scott
    5. Matulino
    6. R James
    7. Blair
    8. Napa
    9. JWH
    10. Woods

    Graham and Blair's ball playing bumps them up a few spots for mine. Woods being a pillow drops him.

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    nrl pre season position rankings - Prop Empty Re: nrl pre season position rankings - Prop

    Post by RandomSil on Wed Mar 01, 2017 4:26 am

    1. Andrew Fifita - He is a monster when he is on, and I would take him before any other prop. Even if he has a quiet night once in awhile.
    2. Jesse Bromwich - One of the most consistent props.
    3. James Graham - Ball playing prop who plays big minutes
    4. James Tamou - I probably wouldn't have him this high normally. However after the 9s I think he has a real shot at being a Top 5 prop this year.
    5. Aaron Woods - An amazing Club level player that just gets through the work.
    6. Matt Scott - Such a strong prop, but another year older drops him for mine. Not as flashy as many other props and just moves through mountains of work.
    7. Ryan James - Breakout year last year, and if he continues that will solidify himself as one of the best.
    8. Jared Warea-Hargreaves - Poor year last year by his standards. Sees him drop down my list on the team.
    9. Adam Blair - Has been one of the standout props since moving to the Broncos.
    10. Shannon Boyd - One of my favourite players, hopefully he steps it up this year.

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