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    Is it acceptable to change the team you support?

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    Oz Sport Mad

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    Loyalty? - Page 2 Empty Re: Loyalty?

    Post by Oz Sport Mad on Mon Sep 19, 2016 11:13 pm

    @dasherhalo wrote:Interesting take, OSM!

    As a fiercely loyal and staunchly devoted Broncos Cowboys supporter, I was more than happy to share my thoughts on the matter dasher....

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    Loyalty? - Page 2 Empty Re: Loyalty?

    Post by Archer on Mon Sep 19, 2016 11:18 pm

    iSIs wrote:Firstly, Archer and I were discussing the Townsville/Cairns rivalry the other day and Random (who lives in Townsville) didn't realise there was one.  Now he is a young bloke at 24 and if you reverse that number you get my age  Embarassed .  So maybe the rivalry isn't as strong as it used to be, but back in the 80's/90's we hated Cairns, and Cairns hated us!

    With your question dasher, it's one I find really interesting as well.

    I started supporting the Tigers when I was about 10, which was mid 80's.  Growing up in NQ most NSWRL teams were pretty much evenly supported. Maybe a bit of bias towards Parra and the Dogs who were travelling well at the time.  When the Broncos came in there was a huge shift towards them and fair enough.  When the Cows came in there was a huge shift to them as well, also understandable.

    But what I couldn't understand was that whenever I got asked who I supported more often than not I got "why don't you support your home town?"  Because I'm fucking loyal!!!  That is no sleight on those who changed teams to Brisbane or NQ because it was a new state/hometown.  But the irony is I've copped it for not being loyal when I've technically been more loyal than those supporters!

    Anyway, absolutely no problem personally with those who change allegiance when a new team springs up in their town.  Would never do it myself though.  I don't think changing your team for the sake of it is acceptable though; in fact I think it is deadset poor form.

    I'm 29 and still experienced the rivalry. I think Random was just taking a crack at your softcock title!

    FWIW I can kind of understand why plenty of people changed sides, the cowboys are NQ, not Townsville (no matter how much your Brownsville fucks might try), so for those in Cairns it was a new home team. I'm from there, but followed league before their introduction and supported the Raiders. Like SI I stuck with them and often get the same questions. He's pretty much summed up my feelings on it all.

    Edit: Reading further, there were some interesting points made for why its ok to change teams, was a good read. I think the main hate for "turncoats" comes when said fans do it only during a successful year/period and gloat about all the success of 'their club' to the fans who have stayed with a club through years/decades of lean times. It's probably only very few people who do this but it only takes one before most people are reading to get tarring with that brush.

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    Loyalty? - Page 2 Empty Re: Loyalty?

    Post by leaguegod on Tue Sep 20, 2016 7:35 am

    surmo sums up my feelings, i've long hoped the coast would get a team and if they did i would attend many games and become a member but when the bulldogs come to town, i'm still cheering on the blue and white.

    while i understand why people to switch when new teams come into their area, i think they must not have a real passion for their first team. i support a number of sports teams around australia and the world,i support 3 above all (dogs, niners and lakers) but the only team i have a huge passion for is the dogs and i think there is a big difference between supporting a club and having a passion for it, in some ways i hate it, dogs losing on a friday night can legitimately ruin my whole weekend, the end of footy season almost becomes a relief sometimes lol but anyone who does sit on that roller coaster every season couldn't possibly switch teams

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