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    SuperCoach 2020

    Clack Bocks
    Clack Bocks

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    SuperCoach 2020 - Page 8 Empty Re: SuperCoach 2020

    Post by Clack Bocks on Mon Mar 23, 2020 3:17 pm

    @WT2K wrote:1156 and a loss off 444 in rank. Now 2.2k.

    Jwill the flog tanked the score.

    Jwill > Flegler locked in. Flegler with a BE of -34. Jumping on the money train. May look at getting Staggs in as well.

    1141 got me up 128 places, sitting at 7100

    WT Winfield
    WT Winfield

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    SuperCoach 2020 - Page 8 Empty Re: SuperCoach 2020

    Post by WT Winfield on Mon Mar 23, 2020 3:23 pm

    1097 here.. SJ, Watkins and Raiders Williams spudding it up.

    Locked in Doueihi to Luciano via Fui.

    Koroisau coming in, but dunno who for. Cleary and SJ my starting halves and the 4 candidates for Koro won't be making the 17 this week.

    Walters 201k
    Brailey 201k
    Luai 257k
    GWilliams 334k

    Not a fan of Luai, but the dual position along with GWill and SJ might be handy. Only 9k left in the bank if trading Walters or Brailey though.

    Walters with the least job security it seems. Tough one Mad

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