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    2017 Kangaroos Origin Merit Team named



    Do we need a Kangaroos Origin merit team ?

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    20% [20%] 
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    60% [60%] 
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    20% [20%] 

    Total Votes: 5

    Oz Sport Mad

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    Re: 2017 Kangaroos Origin Merit Team named

    Post by Oz Sport Mad on Fri Jul 21, 2017 10:18 am

    @dasherhalo wrote:

    Right sentiment, wrong implementation.
    I'm all for getting pride back into the national jersey, but you won't do that with parlour tricks. Trying to shoehorn the national agenda onto Origin simply doesn't work. These were the best players of Origin. Won't have anything to do with the National side.

    Mal's at the top of the tree now. He' got the gravitas to build the Aussie team's profile into the 800lb Silverback Gorilla it should be. Chipping away with quasi-relevant gold star-giving doesn't work for me

    Fair enough. As I said each to their own and the proof will be in the pudding.

    Personally, I'll take what I can get and have no qualms accepting and embracing any quasi-relevant gold star-giving I can get my hands on!

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    Re: 2017 Kangaroos Origin Merit Team named

    Post by Mearcats on Fri Jul 21, 2017 12:17 pm

    I'd hafta agree with Dasher. I get what you're saying OSM and I (along with everyone here it seems and I would certainly hope) am keen as to see the international game be more relevant and have a lot more importance. But even with big Mal there and an irrelevant list like this, it's a drop in the ocean.

    The primary importance isn't that the guys who get selected aren't proud. That's not affecting the culture or the standing of international football (despite the argument that our squad often gets picked on "name" and incumbency rather than form which I don't disagree with) in Australia I feel. I think the problem comes down to two main points.

    1. There is not enough emphasis on international footy from the governing body at the very beginning. A severe lack of scheduling means that there just isn't the momentum and aura about the game that there should be. Now, whether this is due to an already too long NRL season or the fact that Rugby League itself is not a game that is truly "international" to the level of football, rugby union etc is another discussion altogether. *yes I know the game is played across the world so by the very definition of the word, it is an international game but you get my drift.

    2. There is a very obvious disparity in the actual level of the game between nations. This stems from the second half of my previous point I suppose but it's true and this in it's own right affects the importance of the international game in every aspect from scheduling to viewers interests and all the way down. It's improving, sure, but it just ain't there yet. Sad but true. This is something that the IRL needs to address much more proactively than they have been.

    I love my league, my Broncs and am a passionate Queenslander and a proud Aussie, I would just like to see international footy be the pinnacle of our game as it is in basically every other sport. How we get there is for people much more knowledgeable than I and I may never see it in my lifetime but that's my hope.

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