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    NRL pre season position rankings - Second Row



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    NRL pre season position rankings - Second Row

    Post by leaguegod on Wed Mar 01, 2017 8:16 am

    previous positions:


    second row has been a weird position for a while imo, there is alot of very good players(way more then ten) but hasn't been any standouts for a while

    i'm leaving out tohu harris, missing the first 2+ months is alot of footy, would have featured somewhere on the list for sure if healthy

    1. Matt Gillett - i am not even a huge Gillett fan but i think he is the most balanced second rower in the game
    2. tyson Frizzell
    3. Boyd Cordner - i probs rate him #1 but his inability to ever stay healthy hinder him
    4. Wade Graham
    5. Josh Jackson
    6. Kevin Proctor - will be interesting to see how he goes not playing off cronks hip
    7. Manu Ma'u - actually forgot about him till i finished the list, could have made an argument for him as high as 4th tbh
    8. Josh Papali
    9. Sam Thaiday
    10. Elliot Whitehead

    This was honestly the hardest list to do so far because the gap from 1st to 15th honestly isnt that large. notable omissions include cartwright, cooper, lowe, eastwood, thompson, sutton, lewis etc

    willing to accept this list could look ridiculous at years end because unlike most positions where there are clear tiers, this one just seems like one huge tier seperatied by personal opinion on small differences


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    Re: NRL pre season position rankings - Second Row

    Post by Dip on Wed Mar 01, 2017 11:14 am

    1. Cordner
    2. Gillett
    3. Papalii
    4. Cartwright (I think he will improve his defence this year)
    5. Frizell
    6. Cooper
    7. Lewis
    8. Graham
    9. Thaiday
    10. Ma'u

    I didn't know Harris was out that long. To be honest I'd probably put him top 2 otherwise. Agree with LG about the evenness of quality.

    If it was for Rep footy, Cartwright would drop down the list a fair way, Thaiday might go up a couple of notches. These days it seems that in club land second rowers are centres who can't step or pass as well, but have a bigger motor.

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    Re: NRL pre season position rankings - Second Row

    Post by ryno_ on Wed Mar 01, 2017 12:44 pm

    1. Gillett
    2. Cordner
    3. Frizzell
    4. Cooper
    5. Guerra
    6. Graham
    7. Mau
    8. Thaiday
    9. Proctor
    10. McQueen

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