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    2016 Fantasy thread part 46


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    Re: 2016 Fantasy thread part 46

    Post by Chewie on Tue Aug 02, 2016 9:46 am


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    Re: 2016 Fantasy thread part 46

    Post by Neillo on Tue Aug 02, 2016 9:47 am

    @wolfking wrote:What do you guys think?  I have 6 trades but only 7K and am looking at one more double trade for one final upgrade.  My team;

    Smith (Friend)
    Fifita Gallen (Ese Leulua)
    Merrin Mannering Surgess (ET Carty Talakai)
    SJ Hunt (Cleary Feeny)
    Aitken BJ (Hurrell Copley)
    Teddy Munster Barba (Guth Manu)

    Thinking I aim for DeBelin.  Downgrade Copley and upgrade ET.  I think I want to keep Carty, has more potential I think.  Or do I downgrade someone like Guth and upgrade to Bodene or James.  Don't think I need another gun back.

    Or I can downgrade Guth, get 200K, upgrade ET to DeBelin and then still have 140K to upgrade someone like Hurrell to say a JBrom next week?

    Upgrading ET to De Belin sounds like a mint move - do the double trade that gives you the most cash in reserve for any future injuries

    Highly jealous of you having 4 trades left after that still though.....make sure you figure out how to use them bonus points at the end of the season for trades left Wink

    One option if you're daring is cash out Hunt before he loses any cash - Copley, Gutherson and Hurrell are all going to go up in value and can be a bit more useful for a double trade in the next few weeks

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