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    Draft Squads 2016 v1


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    Draft Squads 2016 v1

    Post by SI on Thu Jan 14, 2016 11:50 am

    Standard's Shit Cunt Simona's

    1  RTS
    2  Josh Mansour
    3  Konrad Hurrell
    4  Cameron Munster
    5  Tuimoala Lolohea
    6  Blake Austin
    7  Adam Reynolds
    8  Nate Myles
    9  James Segeyaro
    10 Mike Cooper
    11 Josh Papalii
    12 Sio Siua Taukeiaho 
    13 Paul Gallen

    14 Martin Taupau
    15 Kade Snowden
    16 Shannon Boyd
    17 Lewis Brown

    Coach: Michael Maguire

    My team goes allright.

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    Re: Draft Squads 2016 v1

    Post by Random on Thu Jan 14, 2016 1:48 pm

    ~Tim Simona Fan Club~
    The Squad

    1. James Tedesco
    2. Semi Radradra
    3. Josh Morris
    4. Tim Lafai
    5. Curtis Rona
    6. Michael Morgan
    7. Shaun Johnson
    8. Andrew Fifita
    9. Jake Granville
    10. George Burgess
    11. Jack de Belin
    12. Beau Scott
    13. Elijah Taylor

    14. Paul Vaughn
    15. Alex Glenn
    16. Jake Trbojevic
    17. Mose Masoe

    Coach: Craigh Bellamy


    The Breakdown

    In what was perhaps the best NRL Grand Final in the history of the NRL. The first all Queensland Grand Final. We saw some Johnathan Thurston magic, a last minute clutch by Michael Morgan and excitement at an all-time high as The Cowboys clinched victory and won their very first Premiership. However what they proved is the best Defence is a stellar Offensive. The Cowboys had the worst Points Against out of any team in the NRL Top 4. Which were all featured in the Preliminary Finals this past year. What this goes to show, is it doesn't matter how many points opponents can score against you. It is about how many points you can score against them. If you can grab two tries against your opponents and a handful of penalty goals, it could all still be for naught if they have the Offensive Prowess to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat and score a try in the closing minutes of the game. With that in mind, that is what this team possess. Offensive prowess never seen before in the NRL.

    The Backs!

    I probably don't need to cover that, as I have already in the past. But this is quite literally THE BEST back line possible in the NRL. In the past NRL Season Semi Radradra and Curtis Rona were the Top 2 Leading NRL Try Scorers in the entirety of the NRL. Semi Radradra is proving himself to be a vital part of the Eels team and perhaps the most lethal player in the entirety of the NRL. In 2014  he was a part of an Eels team that used Jarryd Hayne like a crutch and still managed 19 Tries 1 behind Jarryd Hayne himself. Stepping into 2015 the Eels had no Hayne and no hope. Semi Radradra accomplished his impressive feat of 24 Tries in an uninspiring Eels team that most likely would have ended up taking home the spoon if not for his brilliance. Curtis Rona scored a scintillating 22 tries this past year in what can only be called a great back line that is the Bulldogs.

    James Tedesco was a leader at the Fullback position leading in Tries Scored by Fullbacks, leading Linebreaks by Fullbacks and had the second most Try Assists from Fullbacks only beaten out by Premiership Winner Lachlan Coote. James Tedesco knows how to create opportunities from nothing, after being led around the park by the largely uninspiring Brooks and Moses, he was able to be the most successful Fullback in 2015 and will continue that form as he pushes for the NSW #1.

    These backs are the most successful group from the last year. Combined they scored a massive 63 Tries. The closest possible combination of 2 Wingers + 1 Fullback was only able to rack up 50 tries, and no one else has selected all 3. These guys are the best in the business at finishing plays, at scoring tries, at making something from nothing and at winning games before they even start.

    The Centres!

    Remember that great backline that I mentioned when talking about Curtis Rona. Well we have two more features from that backline.

    First Josh Morris, a current NSW Incumbent Centre.  Josh Morris tied for the most line breaks by any Centre in the NRL this past year and he has consistently been a great offensive centre. He has also shown year in, year out at Origin level he is one of the better defensive centres in the game while limiting Greg Inglis each year. Josh Morris also has some team synergy with his centre partner Tim Lafai and winger Curtis Rona.

    Our second centre Tim Lafai, who in many ways is as destructive if not more than the always impressive Tim Simona (Biggest honours possible for a centre.) In 2014 Lafai was easily the best centre in the game while playing with Bulldogs and after an injury affected season this past year he will be back to his best and show what a true beast he is when he teams up with Bulldogs teammate, and try scoring monster Curtis Rona.

    The Halves!

    Perhaps the most dangerous running halfback in the NRL ever, Shaun Johnson will provide constant threat when he takes on the line. The Warriors showed just how much of an impact Shaun Johnson can provide to a team. Forming a threat at the Top 8 at the beginning of the year with Shaun Johnson, and then when Johnson was out they spiraled down the ladder. Shaun Johnson’s biggest weakness has always been that the Warriors rely on him heavily. Much like The Cowboys had done with Johnathan Thurston up until this past year.

    Speaking of the Cowboys, our Five-Eight and Premiership winning half Michael Morgan will do as he did this past year with Johnathan Thurston and alleviate pressure and free up Shaun Johnson. He became an offensive threat shown by the fact he made the most Linebreaks of any half in the NRL this year. He will demand much respect after what has been a break out year for Morgan as he made his debut for Queensland beating out fellow halves Daly Cherry-Evans and Ben Hunt for a spot on the bench.  Michael Morgan also showed his class and his ability to play in the clutch when he set up the try scoring play in the dying seconds of the Grand Final which gave the Cowboys an opportunity to win the game, which they ultimately did.

    The Frontrow!

    George Burgess and Andrew Fifita. Need I say more, these are two of the most destructive runners in the NRL.  They both consistently had games where they would break 5+ tackles a game, and that is just by running up the middle. These guys have 1 job, and that is the job of all Forwards. Run up the middle, make some meters, and tire out their defence to create openings. Fifita and Burgess are the best in the business at this. Their size, speed and just sheer power when they hit the line will take a lot out of any defence. There is a definite difference between tackling a run of the mill forward and tackling a monster like Andrew Fifita or George Burgess.

    Then we having Premiership winning hooker, the hooker who scored the most tries in the NRL this past year. An influential member of the Cowboys premiership Campaign – Jake Granville. In the words of Bill Cosby, this guy is Zip Zop Zoopity. He is fast and darts often out of dummy half to put teams on the back foot and open up the game. The only way you could slow him down is if Cosby offered him a drink. (Too soon?) Jake Granville showed just how talented he is, especially in and around the ruck up against tired forwards.

    The Second Row!

    The base of the squad. The rocks of the wall. While I have made a lot about this squads Offensive capabilities, this team doesn’t lack defensively. These guys have all shown they have the ability to play through entire games and while they are more than capable of playing the 80 minutes it won’t be necessary.

    Elijah Taylor, the workhorse in the Panthers pack and a player that was in the Top 5 for total tackles made last year. He made it through a whopping 965 tackles and would look to do the same. Jack de Belin has a large motor and showed his versatility rotating between the second row, lock and Prop last year. He also was defensively solid with a missed tackle rate of just over 3%. Add into the fact his own knack for offloading with an average of just under 2 offloads a game, which when compared to someone like Corey Parker infamous for his offloads managed just over 2 offloads a game.

    Beau “THE HITMAN” Scott, he targets the halves and targets them well. He does this job so well Johnathan Thurston has come out saying how he was afraid of Scott. He is so good at rattling the halves and disrupting their play style that the Queensland Team had set out purposefully to try and prevent this from continuing to happen to Thurston. No half is safe when this man sets upon them.

    The Interchange!

    Paul Vaughan is a strong forward with a high work rate and gives very little away in terms of penalties, errors and missed tackles. He makes the perfect fit in this team at being able to hit the ball up the middle and allows the team to rest George Burgess and Andrew Fifita until they are ready for some more destructive running up the middle.

    Alex Glenn knows how to put work in and he is accustom to playing huge minutes in the Broncos pack. With my squad that won’t be required and he can work at being a very capable replacement for anyone in the Second Row and he knows how to make meters up the middle. He also brings some versatility into the squad with his ability to play in the centres should there be need for a reshuffle.

    Jake Trbojevic will be coming off his debut year and is now set to lead the Manly pack. He is set for a break out year with huge wraps on his NYC ability. Jake Trbojevic has the perfect opportunity to use his size and speed as he can run outside lines and bust open opposing defences as he did in NYC, where he was named at Prop for NYC Team of the Year.

    Mose Masoe, 6’7” and 130kg. This man is the biggest in the NRL today and he runs a hard and straight line. Teams may rejoice when they see big George or Fifita heading to the bench, only to end up shaking in their boots as this monster takes field. As for Defence, well I will enjoy seeing halves try and take on the line with this monster sitting and waiting for them.

    The Coach!

    One of the best coaches in NRL history. The man who helped create what has been a dynasty in the NRL. Craig Bellamy will bring to this team, what offensive strong teams like The Warriors, The Tigers and The Eels have lacked so much in the years gone by. That is structure and consistency. This team has all the makings of being a great ad-lib style of attacking football would benefit greatly from the insight and structure he could instil. As well as supporting and developing this teams defences.

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    Beast From The Big East

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    Re: Draft Squads 2016 v1

    Post by Beast From The Big East on Thu Jan 14, 2016 1:54 pm

    Simona is Kiwi Eligible?

    1. B.Morris (Round 5)
    2. Holmes (Round 18)
    3. Lyon (Round 8 )
    4. Wighton (Round 10)
    5. Tupou (Round 13)
    6. Hunt (Round 3)
    7. Cronk (Round 1)
    8. Bromwich (Round 2)
    9. Luke (Round 14)
    10. JWH (Round 4)
    11. Harris (Round 11)
    12. W.Graham (Round 7)
    13. Taumalolo (Round 6)

    14. McGuire (Round 9)
    15. Thaiday (Round 12)
    16. Sutton (Round 15)
    17. J.Reynolds (Round 17)

    Coach: Trent Robinson (Round 16)

    What needs to be said about this side. Just looking at it you can tell it is the clear numero uno. After some great draft strategy, I was able to pick up some great talent in round when they should have been long gone. I mean Isaac Luke in the 14th. The rest of you were busy picking up the start of your bench yet I am picking up Isaac Luke. A top 30 player is going in the same round as guys like Shannon Boyd and Bodene Thompson. That alone is worthy of your vote.

    But onto the team assembled

    -That back 3. You have strike power everywhere. One of the fastest in the game and a fearless kick returner. Check. The best in air winger since Israel Folau. Check. One of the most exciting prospects coming up in the league. Check. You have one of the most deadly Origin and NRL finishers in recent time with Brett Morris chiming in to the attack with his no holds barred running attitude. The fleet footed ability of Valentine Holmes and the pure size and strength of Daniel Tupou. This back line may not have the big names as other sides but what it does have is work ethic and skill across the board.

    -Onto the centres. Clearly the best defensive centre pairing assembled. With Jack Wighton and Jamie Lyon I have size and strength in my centres that is unmatched by the other squads. Two tremendously talented individuals, they offer a wide array of skills both as a physical runner of the ball and as a playmaker and are not limited like other sides by only having one feature to their games.

    -And now we come to the reason why this team would dominate. The halves pairing. You find another team and put their halves pairing up against this. They lose. Combining the skills of Hunt and Cronk together would terrorize teams. You have the best game managing half for the last 10 years alongside his heir apparent. The kicking and play making ability of these two mean that no team would have a hope against them. With Cronk playing his calm, structured role leading the team around the field, Hunt can channel JT in Origin and just run freely at will dancing in and out of opponents defenses as he cuts them to pieces on the back of my monster ball playing pack.

    -The props. 2 out of the top 3 in the game. That's all that you need to know. Pairing JBrom and JWH together would be hell for any defensive line to contain. You have the 60 minute beast in JBrom and the rampaging bull that is JWH. The defense commits to many to the tackle, oh wait Bromwich utilizes his ball skills and gets an offload off. You hang back waiting for the ball out the back again, wrong again as JWH busts through the line and gains yardage with each and every play.

    -The hooker. The masterstroke in this team was being able to hold off and pick up Isaac Luke so late. He is New Zealand's best hooker and has been in the top 2 or 3 hookers in the game for the last 5 years. A devastating ball runner he would be well equipped to strike on the back of the monster runs from the forward pack and his playmaking abilities would further advance this team when he is able to link up with the halves.

    -The second row. Not filled with the biggest names but is filled with 3 of the most skillful back rowers in the business. Wade Graham is the Cronulla and possible NSW captain in waiting. A big hard runner of the ball who possess great hands and footwork would be hell for any left edge to defend when you pair him with Jamie Lyon. On the other side you have the level headedness of Tohu Harris. A man mountain who knows how to follow orders and will run and tackle till he is told to stop. The kiwi is joined by his fellow international Jason Taumalolo at lock. Already the most damaging ball runner in the game, the thought of him being directed around the field by Cronk and Hunt and on the back of runs by Bromwich and Hargreaves means opposition would barely even need to turn up. There would be no point as he smashes into each and every one like a cannonball and sends them flying to the ground as he sets up try after try for the backline.

    -And then we come to the bench. And what a bench it is. The best bench assembled by a long way. Queensland and Brisbane stalwart Sam Thaiday is joined by his young protegee Josh McGuire on the bench in what delivers the best prop rotation of any side. The opposition looks on with smiles on their faces as they see Hargreaves leave the field for a break only to see big Sammy Thaiday making his way out on to the paddock with fire in his eyes ready to terrorize the opposition. McGuire off the bench provides that go forward you need and lets Bromwich or Taumalolo take a much deserved break. And when you decide to throw in a ball playing backrower look no further than John Sutton. A man who possess the size and strength of a backrower yet the keen eyes and playmaking ability of a half he will be able to come on and link up with rest of the skilled backrowers to leave defenses grasping at thin air as he sets up line break after line-break. Just when you thought we had come to the end of the bench you were wrong. Because out pops little Josh Reynolds. A man capable of playing hooker, half and lock for good measure. He provides that utility value off the bench but also that spark from an Origin rep that will be so invaluable in the final 30 minutes when the game is already won and you are up by 30 points and can rest the key players so they don't get injured.

    -How could we forget the coach. In his 3 short years at the Roosters, Trent Robinson has won it all. A premiership. A minor premiership. Wait make that 3 minor premierships in a row. He has become the youngest recipient of the Dally M Coach of the year and is only the 6th coach in the history of the game to coach a team to premiership success in his rookie season.

    This team has been built to function as a structured, hard working unit. No flash in the pan players. No egos to get in the way. Just a willingness to get in and do the work. Designed to play similar to the premiership winning Melbourne side, they will be led around the park by Cooper Cronk and on the back of hard grind it out forwards it will prosper. Ball playing back rowers and strike weapons out wide this team possess the abilities to handle any obstacle thrown at them. It has the youth on it's side that it could conceivably dominate NRL seasons for years to come and has the ability to cover each and every position should an injury arise.

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    Re: Draft Squads 2016 v1

    Post by Guest on Thu Jan 14, 2016 3:15 pm

    Wayne's Winners

    1. Matt Moylan
    2. Dane Gagai
    3. Greg Inglis
    4. Michael Jennings
    5. James Roberts
    6. Gareth Widdop
    7. Trent Hodkinson
    8. Matt Scott
    9. Robbie Farah
    10. Sam Burgess
    11. Boyd Cordner
    12. Matt Gillett
    13. Corey Parker

    14. James Tamou
    15. Tom Burgess
    16. Tyrone Peachey
    17. Jacob Lillyman

    Coach: Wayne Bennett

    Team Summary:

    My team is the best. The end.

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    Re: Draft Squads 2016 v1

    Post by Welshy on Thu Jan 14, 2016 10:06 pm

    Simona Sucks Donkey Dick

    1. Josh Dugan
    2. Jason Nightingale
    3. Blake Ferguson
    4. Jack Bird
    5. Marika Koroibete
    6. Keiran Foran
    7. Mitchell Pearce
    8. James Graham
    9. Cam Smith
    10. Ben Matulino
    11. Tyson Frizell
    12. Aidan Guerra
    13. Trent Merrin

    14. Jake Friend
    15. Tim Mannah
    16. Kane Evans
    17. Tariq Sims

    Coach: Trent Barrett
    Director of RL Operations: Ben Barclay
    Mascot: Tim Simona

    This team is stacked stars in every position! But It should start and end with one name, Cameron Smith! Best hooker of all time, still the master, still the MAN, still the leader! Captain Fantastic, like a coach on the field, CS9 makes everyone around him better! Then we have 2 top 5 props in the game, both capable of massive minutes. JG is the best ball playing prop in the game, Matulino has the best offload game. great compliment to one another

    Tyson Frizell, fast becoming one of the top edge forwards in the game plays 80 minutes but never stops, a wrecking ball, deceptive pace and massive tackler, Then you have Guerra who is becoming an QLD origin fixture, gangly and odd running style but ultra effective, then we have the cream of the crop at lock...Trent Merrin the New age mix Corey Parker only 10 years younger and a far vaster potential. loves throwing it about, Fierce running game, offloads galore which creates second phase play for

    Mitchell Pearce and Kieran Foran, foran Runs the ball as hard as the guy tackles! An all action half who never shirks one of the elite halfs in the game with zero holes in his game, his running game is complimented well with  Mitchell  Pearce off the cuff open field play, creating the chances. Great combo

    One of the most underrated wingers of all time in Jason Nightingale, safe as houses and knows how to finish on the other side Marika Koroibete…fastest man in the NRL, like bottling up lightning this guy is electric with a great strike rate, young and will only get better!
    Blake Fergo and Jack bird, a CTR combo that would set my side up for years, great in defence, even better in attack, Bird is who excites me the most, the kid murders people one on one

    Top 5 FB in the NRL, the best defensive FB in the NRL and an absolute weapon carrying the ball back from deep, free wine coollers for every try he scores me this year! Incentive!

    For when my big minutes props need the rest I have Tim Mannah, excited knowing he only has to give me 25-30 minutes blasts his way into weary defenders, with Mannah doing the dirty work Kane Evans brings his explosive running game into the fray, deadly
    Tariq Sims fresh off another suspension with his dynamic running game and even more dynamite shoulders
    Then Jake Friend the QLD origin rake in waiting, bought in to offer versatility all over the park be it as a tackling demon playing lock, a ball playing back rower or simply giving captain fantastic a rest, Friends star quality boosts the already high quality bench.

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    Re: Draft Squads 2016 v1

    Post by quicksand on Fri Jan 15, 2016 8:21 pm

    Simona is a girls name

    1. M. Gordon
    2. T.Trbojevic
    3. I. Soliola
    4. D. Walker
    5. S. Mata'utia
    6.  J. Maloney
    7.  DCE
    8.  A. Woods
    9   A. McCullough
    10. A. Tolman
    11. S. Mannering
    12. J. Jackson
    13. S.Fensom

    14. N. Peats
    15. Bodene Thompson
    16. S. Kasiano
    17. M. Aubusson

    Coach: Des  Hasler

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    Re: Draft Squads 2016 v1

    Post by Krump on Sat Jan 16, 2016 9:44 am

    The Slow Arse Simona's

    1. B Slater
    2. D Boyd
    3. J Croker
    4. W Chambers
    5. L Coote
    6. A Milford
    7. J Thurston
    8. A Blair
    9. M Ennis
    10. D Klemmer
    11. B Cartwright
    12. R Hoffman
    13. G Bird
    14. D Napa
    15. B Hannant
    16. L Lewis
    17. J Mclean

    Coach. P Green

    Highly unlikely I'll get a team brag up tonight lads.
    It's not really needed anyway with the best halves in the game and 3 backs from the greatest origin dynasty of all time. A back row chock full of class, rep experience, versatility and grand final experience. As I'm busy I won't mention my middle forwards who happen to be a mixture of the biggest, most experienced, most aggressive and most mobile young forwards in the game of rugby league. The bench that will strike fear into opponents not only with its size, class and mobility but with premiership winning versatility to cover a loss at any position on the park. All of this led by the best young coach in the game grand final winning Paul Green
    Anyway like my team I'll leave you guys to fight over the scraps and swoop in tomorrow to take the votes, the premiership and the glory.

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